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Getting Instant Cash With Payday Loans

November 23, 2011 Posted by admin

Payday loans are short term loans which you can borrow if you are in dire need of quick and fast cash. If you find yourself caught in a predicament, running short of money at either the middle or end of the month and need immediate funds, then payday loans are the best options. Borrow money for a brief period of up to 30 days and pay it back on your next payday.

There are a lot of reasons why these loans have grown in popularity in recent years, despite how they are perceived by some. Benefits of payday loans include:

  • Get instant cash instantly on the very same day.
  • Hassle-free online application procedure.
  • No need to submit any physical documents.
  • No guarantor required.
  • No upfront or hidden charges.
  • Nominal flat fee.
  • Get cash even if you have bad credit.

With just a few clicks on your computer you can get money by filling the following details:

  • Your full name, address, date of birth, and contact details.
  • Amount to be borrowed.
  • E-mail address.
  • Your bank details.
  • Your income.
  • Your employment details.
  • Your bank details.

It’s that simple! Within minutes, you can fill out the form, get an approval, sign with your E-signature and get the amount that you need. No traveling, no standing in long lines and no embarrassing questions about your credit.

But you must fit in their eligibility criteria, which means that you must be above 18-years of age and employed, and you must possess a bank account. Payday loans are the best options for getting a little cash quickly.

As long as you remain in good standing and repay the debt on time, you can re-use the services again. The lender will place certain restrictions as to the limit so you will need to discuss the frequency with them. Plus, you want to make sure that this is not something that you start to rely on to meet your obligations. This is meant as an emergency fund only.

Payday loans are a great solution for a temporary crisis. They fulfill a need for those who have no other options available, which is why they are an invaluable service.

Faxless Payday Loans Take the Stress Out of Getting Money

November 22, 2011 Posted by admin

Faxing used to be a regular part of trying to get payday loans. It was also a big part of what made getting payday loans stressful in the past.

Today, it’s much easier to get faxless payday loans. You don’t have to scurry around your house looking for documentation. Everything is done virtually, through your computer and through the lender’s computer.

Printing Bills and Faxing Documents Costs Money

In the past, when you had to fax in physical documents, often time’s you had to actually print out the bills before you can fax them.

Unless you have a printer at home, chances are you had to drive to a Kinkos or library to make the print, costing you both time and money.

Requesting Bills Takes Forever

Let’s say you need to get a bill from a company that doesn’t have an online billing system. That means you’ll have to actually call up that company and request a bill be sent to you via snail mail.

That usually means waiting on the phone on hold for a long time, then waiting days or weeks for the bill to actually arrive.

In the meantime, whatever emergency you needed the cash for is just getting worse and worse.

Who Even Has a Fax Machine?

One of the biggest issues with requiring documents to be faxed is the fact that just about nobody has a fax machine anymore. Few printers come with them, and even if it did people rarely connect their printers to their phone lines anymore.

Most likely you’ll have to go to a print shop, library or Kinkos just to fax your documents. Again, that costs time and that costs money.

How Faxless Payday Loans Work

The way faxless payday loans work is much, much more simple. You just navigate to the lender’s website, fill in all the information that the lender needs (takes about 20 minutes) and click one button.

The information is instantly transmitted to the lender with no need for paper. The lender reviews the information, and if he deems your application loan-worthy then the money will be wired into your account.

Once the money is posted, you can just go to your bank and withdraw all (or part) of the money in cash.

It’s that simple. No fax, no documentation and no paper necessary. Instead of having to go through a stressful faxing ordeal, today getting faxless payday loans is more or less a walk in the park.